Air conditioned party hall

Air conditioned Hall

Enjoy uninterrupted comfort in Ira Banquet Hall's Air Conditioned Hall. Our state-of-the-art mechanism secures an abidingly delightful environment, irrespective of external temperatures. Concentrate exclusively on the triumph of your event as our climate control warrants prime circumstances for your guests' satisfaction.

Open to Air Dining Area

Indulge in a unique dining atmosphere at Ira Banquet Hall's Al Fresco Dining Zone. Enveloped by nature's allure, this area presents a rejuvenating departure from traditional indoor dining. Whether basking in the sun's radiance or marveling at the shimmering stars, your dining experience metamorphoses, incorporating a touch of organic elegance into your occasion.

open air dinning party hall
Ambient ligting banquet hall

Ambient Lighting

Enhance the atmosphere of your event with our Ambient Lighting service. Whether you desire an romantic ambiance or a vibrant and lively one our lighting options perfectly match your events theme. Create the ideal setting. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to design the lighting scheme guaranteeing that every moment is illuminated right enhancing the overall visual appeal.

Valet Parking

Experience pure convenience with our Valet Parking service, a reflection of our dedication to your comfort. Our skilled attendants handle all parking, letting you and your guests fully enjoy the event. Stress-free arrivals and departures are just one of the ways we elevate your overall experience

valet parking are available in my party hall
Our party hall decoration

Outside Decoration

Elevate Ira Banquet Hall's exterior into a captivating masterpiece with our Outside Decoration service. Our talented decorators infuse creativity and precision to bring your event's theme to life from the very entrance. This enchanting exterior sets the stage for what awaits inside, ensuring a seamless and immersive event experience.

Inbuilt Speakers With Mic

Easily captivate your audience with our Inbuilt Speakers and Microphones. These seamlessly integrated audio solutions provide crystal-clear sound, ensuring that every word, melody, or note is delivered with absolute precision. Whether it's an intimate gathering or a larger event, your message reaches every corner of the hall, enhancing connectivity and engagement.

 Inbuilt speaker with mic
Only vegitarian

100% Vegetarian

Embark on a culinary adventure celebrating the richness of vegetarian flavors. Ira Banquet Hall proudly presents a 100% Vegetarian menu, thoughtfully curated to delight diverse palates. From timeless classics to modern delights, our menu reflects our dedication to exceptional taste and dietary choices, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Liquor Not Allowed

At Ira Banquet Hall, we uphold a Liquor Not Allowed policy. This creates an atmosphere of clarity, focus, and pure celebration. Our commitment to this approach ensures that your event is free from the distractions of alcohol, promoting authentic connections and the creation of cherished memories.

Liquor not allowed
Power backup are avilable in my banquet hall

Power Backup

At Ira Banquet Hall, we place a premium on the uninterrupted flow of your event. Our dependable Power Backup service is always on standby to ensure your event remains vibrant, even in the face of unexpected power hiccups. Your event's success is our steadfast promise, safeguarding crucial moments and seamless entertainment.

At Ira Banquet Hall, we meticulously craft every service to make your event truly extraordinary. We take pride in curating an experience where every detail contributes to lasting memories and effortless enjoyment. Your special moments deserve nothing less than perfection, and that's what we promise to deliver.